Harry Potter Portrait

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Harry Potter Portrait

One of the most inspiring book series of all time, Harry Potter did more to get young children reading than many other books.

The portrait on the left has been hand drawn by one of Australia's top artists.

Exquisite detail can be captured in any portrait you want drawn. Every hair, every little detail is meticulously drawn.

If you have been wanting to purchase a special gift then look no further than a portrait.

This Harry Potter portrait demonstrates the level of detail that can be produced.

1000s of portraits and caricatures are produced each year. From simple caricatures to highly detailed portraits, the choice is yours.

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Oh Patrick this is FANTASTIC!!!

The artwork really has the WOW factor...I love it!

Thank you very much...I have a permanent smile on my face.

I can't wait to see Dave's face when I show him this when he gets home.

You are a very talented artist

Well, my mum is turning 70 in June so expect another order from me.